Recycle your soft plastics

by Hilary Frost

We’re all well used to sorting our daily waste into the recycling and general waste bin even if we sometimes can’t be bothered washing out that baked bean can or plastic container our fish came in. More confusing is what to do with so-called “soft plastics” such as crisp packets and carrier bags. 

Well, now there’s an answer although it’s going to mean introducing a third bin to your household - supermarkets such as co-op and Sainsbury’s

are now allowing you to take your soft plastics there for recycling meaning there will be that little bit less rubbish in your general waste. 

We know, in the same way as it’s difficult to be bothered to wash out food containers prior to putting them in the recycling and not the general waste bin, it’s not going to be the easiest thing but tackling the global climate emergency isn’t going to be easy either. 

Yes there’s the question of what difference is one person going to make but imagine if more of us started doing the things we know we should do? Just like being mindful of our waste, we can also make conscious decisions to do other small things like use less plastics - why not visit our store and have a look at some of our plastic-free alternatives?