Makeup brushes ... what brush to use?

by Hilary Frost

If you search makeup brushes online, you’re faced with what seems like an unlimited amount of information about what brush to use for each application of makeup. Who knew there was so many different types of brushes? If you bought each type of brush, you’d need a makeup bag the size of a suitcase to keep them in!

Here at Get-eco we’re conscious about what impact this has on the environment. We decided to focus on a selected few types of brushes that our customers could use to achieve a look they wanted.   

Make up brushes how to use make up brushes

The Get-eco team tested a range of brushes to get it just right. We explored the multi uses our brushes have because true be told, there’s no rules about what you have to use each makeup brush for. 

 Use our suggestions as a guide;

 X7 brushes for use of the face and X4 brushes for use on the eyes;

Short and long handled Kabuki brushes, shorter, dense, flat bristles. Perfect for applying liquid foundation or superfine powders. Excellent for working the product into your skin.

Foundation brush, rounded, dense bristles which can be pinched flat to use like a paint brush. Excellent for applying liquid foundation sparingly. 

Concealer brush, same shape as the foundation brush only smaller in size. It’s the perfect size to target the areas you want to conceal. 

Powder brush, short handed with fluffy dense bristles. Perfect for sweeping setting powder over your foundation or taking the shine off your T-zone with loose powder.

Highlighter brush, long handled with fluffy, rounded bristles. Excellent for helping your cheek bones look more prominent. 

Bronzer / Blusher brush, long handled with fluffy, rounded bristles. Perfect for sweeping the colour  of your choice over your face and cheeks. 

Eyeshadow applicator brush, short dense bristles which can be pinched flat to use like a paint brush. Perfect for powder or cream eyeshadows. 

Eye shadow blending brush, fluffy, rounded dense bristles. Great for gently blending your eye shadows. 

Eyebrow brush, short, stiff angular bristles. Perfect for defining your eyebrows. 

Eyeliner brush, short rounded bristles. Excellent for smudging your eyeliner or adding some precision colour to your eye makeup. 

 How will you use your brushes?.... Send us a photo by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page. 


Bamboo make up brushes