• Why Our Products Matter.

    by Hilary Frost Why Our Products Matter.
    Here at Get Eco it’s important to us that we choose our products carefully. We believe that one of the simplest ways to reduce our amount of harmfu...
  • Makeup brushes ... what brush to use?

    by Hilary Frost Bamboo make up brushes how to use makes up brushes
    If you search makeup brushes online, you’re faced with what seems like an unlimited amount of information about what brush to use for each application of makeup. Who knew there was so many different types of brushes? Read our blog to find out more ...
  • Click & Collect... bags!

    by Hilary Frost
    As I drive to the local supermarket to collect my weekly shopping, I smile to myself, feeling smug that I don’t have to face the never ending queue of people trying to enter the store to do their shopping. Which genius created click and collect!